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How Can We Help?

How can we help?

  • We have an extensive network of partners that can encourage, support and mentor you through the competitive graduate recruitment process.
  • We want to give you the confidence to believe in your achievements and place importance in recognising any challenges faced leading up to your application.

Online Resources

We have vast online resources available at your fingertips, covering each part of the graduate recruitment process, including content and material to:
  • Guide you through the lengthy application process, with specific tips for the firm you're applying to and explanations of concepts such as 'commercial awareness'
  • Provide insight and tips on how to approach one of the dreaded psychometric tests!
  • Further understand what firms are really looking for in case scenario exercises and presentations
  • Advise you on how to be best prepared for face-to-face or virtual interviews so you know what to expect



Once we have a suitable opportunity for you, Dandi gives you access to the below:
  • A network of mentors, including future trainees, current trainees and Lawyers from top Law firms, that can advise and guide you through the application process
  • A growing network of ambassadors at universities across the country to raise awareness of the opportunities available to you
  • Vast online resources that guide you through every step of the trainee recruitment process, including team exercises, case scenarios and presentations
  • Regular interactive group sessions with trained recruitment consultants


We have some fantastic networking opportunities, including access to:
  • Our growing LinkedIn group, where we advertise new opportunities and networking events that are accessible to everyone
  • Virtual networking events to promote discussions between people who may be encountering similar challenges to each other

Training Contracts Assessment

Assessment centres take place followed by training contract offer

Winter and Spring Vac Schemes Open

Applications open

Summer Vac Schemes Open

​Applications open

Winter and Spring Vac Schemes Assessment

​Assessment centres take place for Winter and Spring Vac Schemes

Training Contracts Applications

​Applications open for training contracts to start in one or two years time.

Summer Vac Scheme Assessment

​Assessment Centres take place for Summer Vac Scheme

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