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1. Which firms can we assist?

  • Any that want to actively promote diversity within their workforce and those that value equality in the workplace. We believe that recruitment will be the starting point for any organisation intending to diversify their workforce.
  • Read more about how diversity could have a positive impact on your firm here.

2. How can we assist?

  • We compliment your current graduate recruitment processes by working in partnership with you to identify how we can tackle recruitment bias in candidate selection.
  • Our innovative technology and highly trained consultants have allowed us to develop a recruitment process that is less prone to bias towards certain schools and universities, one that highlights achievements in context and presents a fuller picture of a candidate’s background.
  • We conduct an extensive equal opportunities assessment which covers a wide coverage of socio-economic factors that can hold candidates back from fulfilling their potential.

3. Our promise

  • We are committed to championing candidates who may have come from underrepresented backgrounds in the Legal profession.
  • Our goal is to make sustainable change and be at the forefront of influencing HR teams and Senior Leadership at Law firms about our diversity mission.

4. Reporting

  • We ensure we are recruiting to the very highest standards by running regular analytics on our level of service, including the diversity of both our database and the candidates supplied to you.
  • We regularly monitor the diversity make up of trainee pools in the Legal profession.

Training Contracts Assessment

Assessment centres take place followed by training contract offer

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Winter and Spring Vac Schemes Assessment

​Assessment centres take place for Winter and Spring Vac Schemes

Training Contracts Applications

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Summer Vac Scheme Assessment

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