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About Us

The dandi story

When recruitment came to a complete stand still during the pandemic, we were given a unique opportunity to think about how we can genuinely help diversify workforces across the Legal profession.
We decided to face the challenge head on and gave thought to the methods we could use to allow clients to see the wider context in a candidate's application. It started by developing technology to assess academics in a completely different way, followed by an in-depth understanding of how a candidate's personal circumstances may have held them back from achieving their true potential. The additional information our consultants can provide in an application is incredibly powerful, we believe it can positively influence our client's decision making and unconscious biases to ensure they have a complete picture of a candidate in front of them.
We are proudly backed by EJ Legal, one of the most reputable recruitment agencies in the sector and are fortunate to work alongside an excellent network of trusted partners that share our values. At dandi, there are four core principles that guide our daily way of working and thinking:
  • Tenacious, Determined, Resolute

    We champion outstanding talent to our clients

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    We challenge the current definition of excellence

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    Our data and consultants help us understand achievements differently

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    We are committed to transforming the diversity of the legal profession

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Company Overview

At dandi we focus on supporting and encouraging candidates’ from underrepresented backgrounds to apply for training contracts at top City law firms. We mentor candidates through the rigorous recruitment process, offering tailored assistance at every stage.

There is no ‘quick fix’ to the workforce diversity challenge. By pipelining a more diverse candidate pool into the entry points of law, we believe our strategy is the most authentic route to creating meaningful change and truly achieving diversity at the top.

Our mission is to shape workforces across the legal profession by providing equal career opportunities for all.

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