Interview - Funds Paralegal (Top Tier US Firm)


Interview - Funds Paralegal (Top Tier US Firm)

Posted on 26 October 2022

Were you the first person in your family to attend university?

I was not but having a father who had gone to university has been a massive benefit to me and my career to date.

Why did you decide to pursue law?

I worked in a support role for a charity called MENCAP as I wanted to protect vulnerable individuals from arbitrary power. I really enjoyed the work and it quickly became clear to me that the principles of law could be applied in a very similar way, which is why I decided to pursue a career in the profession.

 How are you approaching the highly competitive process of securing a Training Contract?

I am approaching training contract applications by applying for less than I have previously, but making sure these applications are bespoke and informed.

I really need to have that feeling that I can see myself working at a particular firm before I decide to apply.

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